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Anne-Sophie FRENOVE is in charge of AIRBNB’s Business Development in Europe and a 2003 TEMA graduate. She has recently co-written a book called Into the French Tech. The book tells the story of 50 authentic French entrepreneurs from the French Tech. But what could be better than for Anne-Sophie to present us her book. Interview.


Where did the idea for the book you have co-written come from? 

I met Emmanuelle Flahault Franc at Airbnb in 2014 at a time when I was head of marketing and she was head of communication. That's when we created a club together where entrepreneurs and start-up managers could meet and share their experience and concerns. Since then, we get together every two months for a private, informal meeting in somebody's office where we can exchange ideas. The discussions with these extraordinary men and women gave us the desire to share their insight beyond the group in a more formal manner, in order to help other entrepreneurs to expand their start-up, or simply to help those who would like to start their own business.


Would you say that It is therefore thanks to your knowledge that you can now share all this interesting and sometimes juicy information? Did your NEOMA BS network help you?

Neoma BS is first and foremost a family affair. My brother, Charles Frenove, is a recent graduate of the School and he gave me a lot of support and advice in this project. My co-author Emmanuelle's father, who graduated top of his Neoma BS class a few years ago and is the author of many books, also inspired us a lot. Finally, my classmates, former professors and the administration staff gave me encouragement throughout the project and they have never hesitated to promote the book to those around them. I was delighted by the presence of the Neoma BS directors at the launch of our book at the Ministry for the Digital Sector. Neoma Business School is a huge family and I am proud to be part of this supportive network.


Finally, to encourage potential readers to buy your book, what interesting information can they expect to find more than in any other book? When you want to become an entrepreneur, what better way to learn than from the successes and failures of those who have been there, those who have been through the experience. This book provides access to and learning from the 50 biggest Tech entrepreneurs. Our book shows a more truthful side to the entrepreneurs than the one we are used to seeing, and through really fascinating stories. Their successes, doubts and challenges will inspire you, encourage you and give you confidence; but also give you the keys you really need to chart your own course.    


Into the French Tech (First Editions) is available in bookshops and online (Fnac or Amazon) for 14.95 Euros.