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Why was AIRBNB not created by ACCOR? Why was UBER not created by TAXI G7? These are the questions that drove Soraya Ferahtia, student in the NEOMA BS Grande Ecole Programme, to go around the world to meet intrapreneurs, meaning people who decide to change their businesses from the inside out.

As part of her Master in Management thesis, as advised by Frédéric Nlemvo, professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Managemnt at NEOMA BS, Soraya Ferahtia, future 2017 graduate, created the “Intrapreneurship Tour, the first social intrapreneurship world tour.” The project finished off with the filming of a documentary and its director hopes that “you will enjoy it and it will make you want to turn your company into a test lab for this new management and creation method known as intrapreneurship.”

I circled the world meeting these heroes who are changing the world by transforming their companies from the inside out. If a company wants to change in pace with the future world trends, intrapreneurship must be a component of its business,” Soraya said.

>The full documentary (10 min) 

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