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le campus virtuel de NEOMA expérimenté par une étudiante PGE
le campus virtuel de NEOMA expérimenté par une étudiante PGE

3 questions for Jeanne Dayot, Master in Management student on the Associative Entrepreneurship track. Jeanne talks about her experience on the Virtual Campus from inter-campus meetings and easy interaction to group work and fortuitous encounters.

Can you tell us about your experience on the virtual campus?

The virtual campus is an island with a host of different buildings you can enter as an avatar. It’s a very similar environment to that of a video game. I visited the virtual campus for the first time during a crisis management seminar as part of my course.

Over two days we alternated between classes in the lecture hall and periods of group work around the virtual campus. I really appreciated being able to take part in an ‘inter-campus’ seminar with the Reims students! 

At the end of the group work session we met up in one of the rooms on the virtual campus to present our work to the rest of the students and professors. There are many features available to do this, such as sharing your computer screen via a wall in the room to those present, exactly like using an overhead projector in the classroom. You can talk at the same time, using your real voice, and you can also do research on the internet. This campus offers an totally different experience than other resources.

What are the advantages of such a resource, in your opinion?

Classes on Zoom are a bit tedious after a while and it’s difficult to feel motivated. On the virtual campus, you have no choice other than to follow the course! It’s very similar to face-to-face classes. You are in a space where you can move around, sit down, stand up, mix with others. Moreover, when people nearby are talking, you can hear their conversations! 

For me, the virtual campus is more stimulating, it encourages human interaction. During the seminar, I  approached one of the lecturers “physically” to speak to him “in person”, as an avatar, of course! 

Other features are more for fun, but they’re still important. We can shake hands, dance, clap, go boating or even do some exercise! It’s so much more than a basic videoconference.

Imen Mejri,  the Master in Management Director, came to see us on the virtual campus during the seminar and we all flash mobbed her by dancing at the same time! And she responded by applauding us.

What opportunities does the virtual campus provide for you?

This is still only a project, but with the Student Office we are looking at the possibility of developing a corridor on the virtual campus to host the associations. This would allow us to have our own premises, offices on-campus, where we can meet the students. It hasn’t been set up yet, but it could provide a solution during lockdowns. Student  Association events, currently held on zoom or social networks, could also be transferred to the virtual campus!

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Master in Management

With the Master in Management become a top-level business leader, capable of meeting the expectations of organisations all over the world.
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