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NEOMA organises meetings between students and professional on a regular basis. The professionals thus have the chance to offer practical information to the students, particularly in their search for internships and jobs. Here’s some feedback on an event organised by the Talent & Career teams this past March. 

Supporting students in their career project and ensuring that they find an internship or employment is the goal of NEOMA’s Talent & Career teams. This March, they invited no less than fifty professionals, including graduates from the school to “advise our students on their CVs and pitches, help them prepare for interviews and review their career projects with them,” Rima Gilbert, career consultant at the Talent & Career department, said. “These talks offer an outside view and give very practical information that is going to provide them with concrete help.” This was the general sentiment from Rima Gilbert, Sophie Labelle, Helen Vallerand-Mastri and Nicolas Journeaux, who were responsible for organising the event.

In all, more than five hundred students from all the school’s programmes came to hear the professionals speak. They attended five different webinars:

  • The strength of a Network by the NEOMA Alumni
  • The VIE/VIA programmes by Business France, long-standing partner of NEOMA, with two alumni offering their experiences and proposing VIE opportunities at their companies
  • The new “VTE” programme involving small companies mainly located in France by BPI BPIfrance
  • Effective Job Search workshop by Éloise Laventure, career consultant at the Talent & Career department
  • How to get Your Future Job workshop by Michael Page


The NEOMA students were also able to meet with the professionals individually for personalised coaching sessions. The young students appreciated this format, which matched their needs perfectly. “By talking with these advisors, I was able to confirm that my personal expectations matched up with the professional realities,” Julien Jelassi, a student in MSc Cultural and Creative Industries, said. “I received valuable advice for my future job and internship searches.”