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Thematics :

On Thursday 1st October, the first IAR forum, entitled “Bioeconomy: what jobs are available today and in the future in the plant resource industry,” will take place in Troyes.
On this occasion,  NEOMA BS, a partner of the IAR (Industry & Agro-Resource Competitive Cluster) via its Chair in Industrial Bioeconomy, will serve as a decentralised location, broadcasting the  event live.


Green chemistry and industrial biotechnology are a strategic area for the industrial development of our territory. Its construction and development requires very specific skills. An APEC study has identified 32 strategic professions to respond to the challenges in this sector over the next 3/5 years. These professions require advanced qualifications and high skills levels. In particular, the need for systemic vision and the strong of engineering and innovation skills appear crucial to support the development of the sector.



The industrial bioeconomy is a booming sector, which will lead to new modes of consumption. Its firms are recruiting for internships and future jobs.

The job opportunities are not only scientific; they can concern students on our programmes: the ten most sought after skills in the sector include sales, accounting and finance.


This third edition of the IAR Forum for industry, employment and training will thus be an opportunity to find out about the sector, to identify firms that might offer internships or jobs and to make useful contacts.