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NEOMA Reims Conseil, junior entreprise
NEOMA Reims Conseil, junior entreprise

As required at this period, NEOMA Reims Conseil, the Junior Entreprise of NEOMA Reims, presented the report of its past activities together with an action plan proposal by the newly elected committee members.

It is with emotion that the student members of the Reims Junior Entreprise come back on what they have achieved and learned over the past year. “It has been a year of compulsory adaptation, which was a real challenge for us all! This adventure has definitely been one of my most rewarding professional experiences, I took on a lot of responsibilities, led a variety of projects and was given a fresh challenge each day,” says Clara Meyer, outgoing Treasurer.

Although it is difficult to summarise one and a half years spent running a structure that generates a turnover of 100,000 euros, Jean Guillemin, outgoing Vice-President, recalls some of the highlights:

  • the ISO 9001 certification obtained on April 1st, 2021, which confirms the association’s quality and professionalism, the studies carried out with success for a number of different companies;
  • managing to maintain training in commercial canvassing and cash management for the NEOMA associations;
  • the increasingly closer links with Altéo Conseil, the Rouen-based JE,
  • and all whilst facing up to the health crisis and the inevitable decline in activity experienced by French JEs.

“The good news is that activity has picked up in recent weeks and the new committee members will be able to recover the projects put off in 2020,” concludes Benjamin Léger, outgoing President and who has complete confidence in the incoming committee headed by Marine Lagneau, the new President.

After several months’ training, the new NRC committee is now ready to take over the reins. “In keeping with our values, we hope to take up where the outgoing members left off and with the ambition to further develop NEOMA Reims Conseil with new projects,” explains Marine, whose action plan for the future focuses on 3 main areas: 

  • Business: internationalisation, adapting to COVID, customer loyalty, rethinking the alumni connection;
  • Quality: steering the structure according to indicators, automating procedures, featuring in the L30 (ranking of the top 30 Junior Enterprises of the National Confederation of French Junior Enterprises);
  • Social: 40th anniversary of NRC, ensuring cohesion throughout the year, enhancing the JE’s reputation, in particular through the organisation of a regional congress, creating networks, organising meetings with members and increasing their personal and professional networks.

Congratulations to the NRC students for their commitment!

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