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Pierrick Lallemand, student of NEOMA BS Master in Management (class of 2021), has been elected vice-President of the National Confederation of Junior-Entreprises* (CNJE). More specifically, he will be in charge of public relations. What is the role of this confederation? What will Pierrick’s missions be? Detailed presentation.

It is with great pride that Pierrick was officially appointed as the new CNJE Vice-President on June 9. “I’m really delighted with this new role, even though I obviously feel a little apprehensive due to the change in scale. Up until now I was in charge of 40 people in one of the best Junior-Entreprises* in France. A great experience already, but the new position of Vice-President goes way beyond this,” Pierrick points out.

50th anniversary of the CNJE in 2019
The national Confederation counts 187 Junior-Entreprises* at the moment. The student associations present in Higher Education establishments operate in a similar way to a consulting firm. They allow students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice through highly practical cases. 2800 projects are managed each year by Junior-Entreprises*. They therefore have a highly educational and extremely professionalising aim. They also have a significant economic vocation. “The movement was created in 1969 by 6 Juniors – including ESC Rouen, now NEOMA BS, Altéo Conseil – who decided to become partners to defend J.E*. interests against public and private bodies more effectively.

Pierrick’s entire activity will involve the promotion of these actions to as many people as possible. “Throughout my one-year mandate, my intention is to increase awareness of the Confederation’s and J.E.’s* missions, by becoming involved in the Lobbying movement with actors such as Matignon, for example! As part of the Confederation, we can make a real impact on the framework within which the J.E.* evolves, organise national federation events and train students, provide Junior-Entreprises* with business opportunities and work in a concrete way to simplify the lives of 22,000 students. These are the stakes! The school has given me the opportunity to have this experience by accomodating my courses and I intend to exploit my new position as well as I can. It really is a great challenge!

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