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To allow you to experience the start of the PGE programme "as if you were there", NEOMA BS invites you to follow a three-part interview on the PGE Starting Days as seen by Marie-Astrid.


Immersion experience in the Master in Management's Starting Days : Third day

Thursday midday, after 2 days of seminar, Marie-Astrid looks back at Starting Days.

pge reportage macalmel2

NEOMA: How are things going?
Marie-Astrid: Great! We're getting to know our classmates. I'm discovering things I never saw at ESC prep school. Like the marketing lecture in English.... A completely new subject for me!

NEOMA: Which 'World' are you in and what is your 'Challenge'?
M-A: I chose to work in the World of “Inclusion.” Our team is looking at the issue of self-exclusion among students. The idea is to help young people from low-income backgrounds to consider all types of education. My parents attended higher education, so personally, I didn't have any difficulty in thinking ahead. On the other hand, it may be more complicated for other young people whose parents may not have had this opportunity.

NEOMA: What has struck you the most so far?
M-A: I’d say the marketing conference! The American lecturer was ultra-dynamic! It almost made me want to join the English track. Even if my level of English isn't very good, I understood everything. We felt that he wanted to get the entire room behind him and that everyone was interested. He made you want to listen.

NEOMA: And how are things going with your team?
M-A: The team is divided into 3 groups. One is in charge of making a poster, a second - mine - is working on the project pitch and the third group is dealing with the financial side. The arrangement is pretty good, and we communicate well.

NEOMA: Can you say a few words about your coach?
M-A: She's natural and friendly! There are no barriers and a lot of openness with her. If we come up with an idea that’s crazy, she just tells us, and no one is offended!

NEOMA: Can you give me your overall impression of these first 3 days?
M-A: ‘Starting days’ is really intense. This integration seminar is more like a project seminar! It's really demanding, but we're really well supervised.

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