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Thematics :

To allow you to experience the start of the PGE programme "as if you were there", NEOMA BS invites you to follow a three-part interview on the PGE Starting Days as seen by Marie-Astrid.


Interview 3 

Immersion experience in the Master in Management's Starting Days : continuation and end

Monday September 10, 4.30pm, breaktime. At the bottom pf the lecture hall steps, Marie-Astrid assesses her Starting Days experience.

pge reportage macalmel3

NEOMA: Starting Days came to an end on Friday. What is your conclusion?
Marie-Astrid: Starting Days was really cool. This seminar is an excellent introduction to the school. We learn about how the school operates, the student associations as well as the Talent & Career department, which organizes everything!

NEOMA: How were the last moments of the seminar for you? And the Pitches in particular?
M-A: I was part of the pitch team with 3 others from the group. We attended a lecture on speaking in public, after which we spent a lot of time putting together and reworking our speech. Well... we didn't make it to the final, but it was great all the same!

NEOMA: What did you learn over the 4 days?
M-A: For me, Starting Days allowed me to discover new subjects, such as marketing and finance. We also worked mainly in teams. As we are expected to become managers, we have to remember that this is how we'll be working in companies every day.

NEOMA: What did you think of the format of the event?
M-A: Really good! The structure allowed us to alternate between theory and practice, unlike at prep. school. We were able to apply what we had just been taught in the lectures. In 4 days, we had enough time to think about and really develop the project, even if the days were very busy! I would add that Starting Days also gave us the opportunity to discover one another's talents and strengths. As a result, we got to organize and share the work with all the team-members to be as efficient as possible.

NEOMA: Did Starting Days allow you to plan your studies for the future?
M-A: I discovered what role I tend to play within a team. I don't have a 'doer' profile, I'm more of an 'organiser,' someone who tells others what to do... I think each team needs one! Otherwise, things don't move forward!
The marketing conference in English also made a huge impression on me. I'd say that this subject clearly interests me more than before. I'd like to study this more closely and see how it turns out and whether my interest is confirmed... Other than that, I'll give myself a little more time to develop my project. Well, I'll have to leave you... I'm going to be late for my next class!

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