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To allow you to experience the start of the PGE programme "as if you were there", NEOMA BS invites you to follow a three-part interview on the PGE Starting Days as seen by Marie-Astrid.



Starting Days 2018 Immersion: Day 1

After the opening of the back-to-school seminar for the class of 2018, the PGE students gathered on the NEOMA lawn for the unforgettable "Class Photo".
A quick chat with Marie-Astrid, 1st Year PGE student on her way to lunch.


NEOMA: Your impressions after the first morning?
M-A: Quite a few of us are a bit lost this morning[smile] We are being told what we have to do as we go, so we just follow! Thankfully, it’s time to eat. The barbecue will give us all a boost.

NEOMA: Where are you from? Can you introduce yourself?
M-A: I’m from Versailles. I did my ECS prep. at the Lycée La Bruyère.

NEOMA: How did you end up at NEOMA?
M-A: I've always wanted to do business. I'd considered starting a training course directly after the baccalaureate, but in the end, it didn't happen. So, I decided to go to prep. school and then passed the exams. After the written entrance exams, I didn't think I'd be accepted at NEOMA BS and when I found out I had, I was really happy! The atmosphere at the orals only confirmed my choice!

NEOMA: Do you have an idea about your future career?
M-A: Nothing definite for the moment!

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