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KPMG, a long-standing NEOMA Business School partner, is strengthening its ties with the School with the signing of a new partnership agreement on January 11, in the presence of Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA BS and François Bloch, CEO of KPMG.

KPMG Partenariat

As a long-standing NEOMA BS partner, KPMG, already extremely implicated in auditing courses, as well as recruitment and career advice for students to the point of becoming a leading recruiter, is furthering its involvement with the school. This new agreement has two main aspects: educational and research

For the educational aspect, KPMG, an Audit, Consulting and Chartered Accountancy firm, is now the official partner of the Entrepreneurship Track (PGE M2). "This partnership will allow us to jointly reflect on the development of future programs," says Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA BS. “The auditing sector is currently undergoing change, data analytics is transforming the profession and the School must be able to train students for tomorrow's job market. With such a strong ambition, it is essential for us to work alongside a firm like KPMG to be able to identify the skills needed by our students.”

Entrepreneurship, DNA common to KPMG and NEOMA BS

With a nationwide presence, there are plenty of stories to highlight the contributions KPMG makes to the economic development of companies and regions, in all kinds of businesses and markets," adds François Bloch, KPMG General Manager. "The students who join us receive entrepreneurship experience through our clients".

By remaining focused on entrepreneurship, the "research" aspect will allow KPMG to work alongside NEOMA BS research professors in this field and explore common issues, such as economic growth, data science and digital technology. “This aspect of the partnership will help nurture our professors' research, through access to company data, team-work and dialogue, allowing for the production of pertinent and innovative content," explains Delphine Manceau.