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The second edition of LANDING IN REIMS was held on 3 March at NEOMA BS, Reims campus. This is a unique collaborative event that aims to promote the attractiveness of Reims for international executives and their families, and help them to settle in the area. The success of the event is growing; this year 130 people came to meet each other and share their ideas.

Thanks to the support of many local actors, we were able to propose a new format for the 2016 edition, with four highlights:

The evening opened with speeches by Yves BENARD, President of NEOMA Business School, Jean-Pierre BELFIE, vice-President of Reims Métropole for higher education, and Frank BOSTYN, Dean of NEOMA BS.

A roundtable discussion on the challenges of  developing the area’s attractiveness, “Living and settling in Reims,” chaired by Rachel BEAUJOLIN, Director, NEOMA BS Reims Campus, with Jean-Yves HEYER, Managing Director of Invest in Reims, Nathalie SPIELMANN, Marketing Professor at NEOMA BS, and Philippe VERGER, Director of the Reims Tourist Office.

9 stands presenting different cultural, economic and educational opportunities the region has to offer, organised by major local actors: Smile in Reims, AVF de Reims (Accueil des Villes Françaises), Les P’tites Mains, Ecole Internationale Farman, Reims Tourist Office, APEC, the Alsace Champagne-Ardenne Lorraine Region, Native Immobilier, and Oh! La Vache.

An area for meeting and getting to know people, complete with a smartphone application that participants could use to develop their network and stay in contact after the event.

Organised in partnership with Reims Métropole, and with support from Invest in Reims, LANDING IN REIMS aims to welcome all international executives in the area and help them get to know each other. The event also aims to promote multicultural and intercultural development in higher education, the business world and the region.