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Thematics :

On 9 April, the student society Le Viking organised activities on the Rouen cathedral square. A party to launch not only the 23rd edition of its guide of the best places to go in the city, but also its brand new app.

NEOMA students in high spirits.
The 23rd edition of the guide came out at the beginning of April.
Among the activities was a virtual reality simulation.
Heads of Vikings.
You needed to pedal to get your smoothie.
A return to the days of cathedrals.
NEOMA students summoned up the knowledge of the Vikings.

The NEOMA students developed a very practical tool full of different features. Through a search applying their own criteria, tastes and geo-location, people from Rouen can easily search for the best spots to eat (food on the go, sweets, world cuisine), have a beer, cocktails or a glass of wine, and find places to visit and learn about.