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At the meeting point between leadership, agility and collaboration, NEOMA Business School is launching its Centre for Leadership and Effective Organisations, with the support of Reims Metropole.

This new structure, unique in the Grande Ecole landscape, accompanies firms as they adapt to daily technological upheavals in a connected global environment.

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"It’s very clear that organisations have to navigate through dynamic, global, and rapidly changing environments”, says Karina Jensen, the Centre’s Practice Director. “But what is not so clear is how to succeed. Our Centre brings collaborative solutions to these specific challenges.”

The centre of excellence is a central part of NEOMA Business School’s ambition to renew managerial approaches and to review the very notion of leadership. “The Centre of Leadership and Effective Organisations is a wonderful opportunity for us to make our researchers’ expertise and potential available to serve business,” explains Frank Bostyn, Dean of NEOMA Business School. “This centre of excellence is a natural extension of our mission as educators, and strengthens our position as an inescapable partner of business by making our capacity for innovative pedagogy available to firms.”

The Centre supports the long-term performance of businesses. “We work with managers to lead change effectively, to develop organisations where collaboration among functions, business units, and regions works to serve strategy”, explains Chris Worley, the Centre’s Strategy Director.

Its wide range of innovative products combines customised research, consulting and training services. By combining three areas of action, the Centre offers businesses and stakeholders not only concrete, practical knowledge, but also operational, customised, high added-value solutions.

“We help organisations to anticipate change in their external environment”, adds Michelle Bligh, Centre Academic Director. "This involves using analytic skills, but also training and developing both leaders and followers who are able to create and sustain change”.

The Centre for Leadership & Effective Organisations is led by a team of experts internationally recognised in their fields, both academically and professionally. These world-class experts bring to business the best of real-world and academic practice. “Merging these two provides innovative, collaborative solutions for organisations to facilitate bottom line results”, adds Darren Hanson, the Centre’s Global Partnerships Director.

A Centre of excellence supported by Reims Métropole
The Centre for Leadership & Effective Organisations is based on our Reims campus, and is supported by Reims Métropole. Indeed, its vocation coincides with the missions of the Reims Metropolitan Area in the fields of economic development, higher education, research and innovation.
“Firms in the Reims region are concerned by these challenges. We must help them design innovative strategies, and favour the development of agile, resilient organisations, which will remain proactive in the dual context of uncertainty and complexity. Reims Metropolitan Area has therefore decided to give its financial support to the venture”, concludes Catherine Vautrin, Member of Parliament and President of Reims Métropole.

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