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Thematics :

Karina JENSEN, professor in the People and Organisations Department and Practice Director of the Centre for Leadership and Effective Organisations at NEOMA BS, published “Leading Global Innovation, Facilitating Multicultural Collaboration and International Market Success” through Springer/Palgrave Macmillan publishing house in August 2017.

Editor’s preface
Responding to the need for organizations to improve global strategic planning and execution, this book presents a framework for effectively conceiving and executing new concepts for international markets. Filling an important gap in knowledge and research on global innovation, the author demonstrates how leaders can facilitate multicultural collaboration in service of organizational performance. Cases and findings are shared from international studies of over 200 leaders and 45 multinational firms with headquarters based in Asia, Europe, and North America. Leading Global Innovation provides a practice perspective with specific models and solutions for facilitating multicultural team collaboration, from concept to market. This book offers crucial guidance for executives, managers, consultants, and educators who would like to understand how to lead and orchestrate innovation in a culturally diverse and networked business environment.  

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