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In our constantly changing world, it is vital to prepare our students to be agile, adaptable leaders: in their future corporate missions, they will have to understand how all the organisation’s departments operate and be capable of managing transformation. To prepare them for these responsibilities, NEOMA BS relies on multidisciplinary teaching methods.

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With this in mind, the Programme management teams, Talent and Career Development Unit (TCDU) and Research department are working together to develop leadership seminars for our Specialised Master and  Master of Science programmes on the Reims, Rouen and Paris campuses of NEOMA Business School.
Co-constructing these seminars is a new way of working for these three NEOMA BS units.
The TCDU, which is responsible for developing our students’ careers and management and leadership skills, designs simulations to highlight in practical situations the meeting point between research concepts and corporate practice.

“Our aim at NEOMA BS is to prepare our students effectively to meet the challenges of the business world in the 21st century. This means that they have to be able to implement the findings of cutting-edge research in their management practices and use their functional skills as leaders in a cooperative, multicultural environment,” explains Michelle Bligh, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Leadership and Academic Director of the NEOMA Business School Centre of Leadership et Effective Organisations.

The first seminars took place in September, and they will continue throughout this academic year, to develop our students’ managerial and social skills, enabling them to plan for a first-rate business career.

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