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3 NEOMA Business School post-high school programmes, CESEM, BSc and TEMA, have attained excellent positions in the 2014 Rankings for 4 or 5 year Business Schools; and the NEOMA Business School Master Grande Ecole programme is also well-positioned in the 2014 Rankings for Business ‘Grandes Ecoles’ published by the  magazine L’ETUDIANT.

CESEM – delivered on our Reims Campus, is ranked 4th for “Academic Excellence,” with its strong national and international reputation, the excellent quality of its faculty and its cutting-edge research.  

The programme is ranked 1st for “International Openness.” The editors underline particularly the duration of international studies during the programme as well as its unique double-diploma format.

The ranking for “Proximity to Business” puts CESEM in 3rd position. The high level of international employability of CESEM graduates is one of the programme’s major assets in this area.


The BSc in International Business (Rouen Campus) is in 5th position for “Academic Excellence.” It also benefits from an excellent reputation and teaching delivered by high-quality teaching staff.

The programme’s 2nd position for “International Openness” reflects the high degree of international exposure that its students receive, and the quality of its international academic network.

Finally, the programme is placed 5th in the ranking for Proximity to Business,” which reflects in particular the numerous companies present at the Business Fair organised by the School.


TEMA, a five-year programme delivered on our Reims campus, is ranked 8th for “Academic Excellence,” confirming the steady academic progress this programme has made since 1999.

TEMA is also ranked 5th for “International Openness” and “Proximity with Business,” thanks to the richness of the TEMA curriculum (teaching quality, international openness and vocational courses) and the high degree of satisfaction expressed by TEMA graduates with their programme and their employability.


The NEOMA Business School Master Grande Ecole programme is ranked 4th for “Academic Recognition.”  The editors are impressed by the salary levels of the programme’s graduates and, more generally, its international academic reputation.  

The programme is also ranked 4th for “International Openness.” Two of the programme’s strengths in this area are graduates’ satisfaction with their international employability and the rate of international students on the programme.

Finally, in the ranking “Proximity of the Programme to Business,” our Master Grande Ecole is placed 2nd, with several assets such as the significant number of companies present at Business Fairs organised by the School and the graduates’ satisfaction  with the School’s corporate relations.


Among the subsidiary rankings, based on information provided by graduates, the Master Grande Ecole programme is recognised for the excellent rate of satisfaction of its graduates (4.3/5), and also for the strength and quality of its Alumni network and the School’s excellent Corporate Relations.  The programme is also highlighted as one that encourages candidates from literary backgrounds and also parallel admissions.



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