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Thematics :

Has the school’s associative life been brought to a standstill? Not really. Since lockdown kicked in, NEOMA students have doubled their efforts and their imaginations to remain in touch with their members. As the International Committee, the association responsible for the reception and integration of international students, demonstrates:

 1/ What is your strategy for coping with lockdown ?

To maintain contact with the students. The challenge is to remain active and prevent isolation among international students. It’s harder for them, and we have doubled our efforts to facilitate their integration. We are doing our best to make sure that they have fond memories of their semester in France.

 2/ What kind of online organisation have you set up?

We set up “Everyone in the kitchen” Zoom workshops to share easy recipes; Netflix Parties to watch films together, including our favourite childhood movies like Madagascar or Batman, or animated movies such as Hayao Miyazaki. We played games like Quizz, Blind Tests and Pictionary… over an ‘e-aperitif. In December, we suggested holding a  Secret Santa event: with everyone offering an anonymous gift. This was a great way of creating bonds and getting into the Christmas spirit.

3/ Has having to do everything online opened up new perspectives?

Remote communication has meant developing our use of social networks, notably Instagram (bdi.neomabsreims), to organise the Netflix parties and to create “Daily Reims”, a partnership with UN’iversal, the geopolitics association. We asked the international students involved to share their feelings about Reims, NEOMA BS and any cultural difference they’ve noticed with their own country. UN’iversal will publish the results in a journal.  

4/ What have you had to cancel or postpone ?

Up until the October lockdown, we managed to keep the after-work evenings going, then we cancelled them. We got to welcome international students in person over the two International Welcome days in September and October, but the third, planned for January, will take place on the virtual campus. Plus, no trips will take place this year.

5/ What have you learned from this experience?

We scheduled a lot of online events, we remained operational, we created interactive events on the social networks. And up to Christmas, our programme was full. When the new international students arrive in January, they’ll be able to see everything we have done. 

 Thanks to:

Long Parami Chou, President 

Eva Chiappini, Vice-President

Julie Cluzel, Secretary General

Camille Guénot, ISO member