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Has the school’s associative life been brought to a standstill? Not really. Since lockdown kicked in, NEOMA students have doubled their efforts and their imaginations to remain in touch with their members. As PxL, the association responsible for the promotion of pop culture (games, films, music, Asian culture), demonstrates.

1/ What is your strategy for coping with lockdown ?

Lockdown hasn’t really stopped us. In the autumn, we were involved in welcoming and helping the new members settle in, so we needed to stay active. We’ve managed to maintain some kind of activity every day.

2/ What kind of online organisation have you set up?

We’ve managed to organise everything that usually takes place on campus remotely. Halloween was a  movie recommendation, rather than a screening. Recently, the blind tests on animated credits or K-pop music were held on the Discord platform. Somebody creates a playlist and the others have to guess the song titles. Exactly as we would do together, in person.

3/ Has having to do everything online opened up new perspectives?

Lockdown has introduced us to online competitions such as the Winamax Campus League. We will be getting more involved in this kind of competition in the future for different video game and board game events.

4/ What have you had to cancel or postpone ?


5/ What have you learned from this experience?

We’ve discovered new meet-up and improvisation game platforms and new ways of organising activities. Many remote events are now a permanent fixture in the day to day life of the association. Even without the lockdown we’re often quite separated, during the holidays, for example. We can now maintain our activity. But when the lockdown is over, we’ll be pleased to meet up again.


Thanks to

Tallène Ramirez, PxL President