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Managing the supply chain to respond perfectly to client demands was the central topic of the latest edition of NEOMAtinée organised on our Rouen campus on 10 March. Around thirty representatives of the regional economy took up the invitation to discover “Deman Driven MRP”, a cutting-edge tool enabling organisations to align with actual market demand.

Caroline Mondon, delegate general of Fapics (French Association of Supply Chain Management), Alain Verna, President of LSN and Managing Director of Toshiba TEC Europe, and Ludovic Couturier, Director of IDIT (Institute of International Transport and Logistics Law), alongside researchers from the School (Jérôme Verny and Fouad Ben Abdelaziz) reviewed this particularly innovative approach to flow management that provides effective answers to today’s complex supply chain management problems.

The audience enjoyed the top-level presentations on this simple, fast process to help decision making, planning and implementation, which provided them with an opportunity to identify appropriate solutions for their own company.

With this very topical project, NEOMA Business School makes its expertise available to its community to improve organisational performance. Additional editions are already planned for the Rouen campus: on 24 March to discuss the use of social media in corporate development, and on 28 April to discuss executive education.