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Thematics :

Filiz, Lucie, Emma, Coline, Fahd and Victorine have made their dream come true: to work in the world of luxury. These students from NEOMA Business School tell us how they managed to get into prestigious companies. They give us the keys to this world. Between myth and reality, they answer all the preconceived ideas. WATCH THE WEB SERIES.


Episode 1: “Luxury experience required?

Episode 2: “A luxury internship hard to find?

Episode 3: “More demanding interviews?

Episode 4: “A more demanding job”

Episode 5: “Higher salaries?

Episode 6: “A less accessible social environment?

Associated programme

International Master in Luxury Management NEOMA – POLIMI Graduate School of Management

Benefit from France and Italy’s expertise in luxury management
  • Full time
  • 15 months
  • Milan, Reims