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What major changes have taken place in the luxury sector? How should these transformations be dealt with? And what will luxury management look like in the future? NEOMA professors and managers address these issues in “Management du Luxe, Opportunités et Challenges”, a collective book published in September 2019 by Vuibert editions.
Co-written by professors and managers of the sector, this book provides a comprehensive overview of how luxury organisations are managed. In particular, it traces how the sector has evolved, the challenges companies in the sector are facing and current and future opportunities.
book management du luxe collectif sept19 couvThe wealth of contributing profiles reflects the multidisciplinary vision undertaken in publishing this book. It includes expert testimonials, examples and applications that seek to put theory into practice," points out Bruno Godey, Professor in Marketing at NEOMA.
The book is aimed at Masters level students, executives in continuing education, as well as professionals from the field.
Contributors: Françoise Collard, Véronique Preschez, Barbara Quacquarelli, Gaëlle Le Guirriec‐Milner, Charles Daussy, Valeria Pelleschi, Stéphane Fourneaux, Marilyn Baron, Daniele Pederzoli, Bruno Godey, Arnaud Fournier, Maria Ruiz Garcia, Isabelle Rousseau, Jérôme Verny, Caroline André.
Supervisors: Emmanuelle Rigaud, Fabrizio Maria Pini

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