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With a view to maintaining close links with its community of former members, Altéo Conseil, the Junior-Enterprise on the Rouen Campus, has launched a series of inspiring career path interviews entitled "One month, one former member".

The idea of launching a series of interviews to showcase the careers of former members came about during Altéo Conseil's 50th anniversary gala in 2019.

For the opening episode of "Un mois un ancien" (One month, one former member), the team naturally turned to Michel Bavière, who co-founded the Junior-Enterprise in 1969 and whose presence at the association's 50th anniversary was a real treat for the students. Michel Bavière gave the JEurs (Junior-Entrepreneurs) an emotional account of the association's development since its creation in 1969.

Last May, the newly elected Altéo Conseil office decided to continue this series of portraits considered an important means of maintaining strong ties with the alumni. But in order to vary the format, Raphaëlle Bougler, President, and Juliette Raoul-Duval, Community Manager and IT Systems Manager, wanted these interviews produced on video.

The first 'One month, one former member' video interview features Jérôme Pin, who was Altéo Conseil President in 1993 and is now working in Mid-Cap mergers and acquisitions for UBS, the world's largest wealth management bank. Find out more about his views on the Junior-Enterprise during his time as President and the impact this experience has had on his career direction:​

With four meetings, an after-work event and an evening social event organized each year, plus a monthly newsletter and an active Facebook page, Altéo Conseil is not short of ideas on how to maintain regular and quality contact with its former members.

Based on the strength of its various actions and the vitality of its network, Altéo Conseil will also be entering the Alumni Awards presented at the Junior-Enterprises National Winter Congress, which rewards strategies for managing former association members, including the organisation of regular reunions and the capacity to make alumni members feel involved and active in the association. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to hearing the results in December!​