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Thematics :

This year, nearly 900 students have joined the NEOMA Business School Master Grande Ecole programme on our Reims and Rouen campuses.

Their first year curriculum started with a seminar delivered in parallel on the two campuses. “Whatever campus they are studying on, our students will receive the same contents and their courses will be of the same quality” emphasised Bruno Cohanier, Director of the NEOMA BS Master Grande Ecole.

The introductory seminar was developed in collaboration with the MGE team by the Talent & Career Development Unit, a new structure at NEOMA BS, “whose mission is to work on developing skills and making the most of them in individual career plans” as  Isabelle Chevalier, Head of the T&CDU explains.

The aim of the seminar was to introduce students in a natural, enjoyable way, through roleplaying exercises led by professionals, to the foundations of the teaching they will receive throughout their studies.

Discovering the business world: most of our first-year students have not yet had any contact with the world of work. The seminar gives them a first view of the multifaceted, complex organisation of a company, and the different interrelated departments that work within it.

Becoming a manager: our students hope to work in high-level management positions.  During this seminar they are in direct contact with what that implies: knowing how to get a team to work towards the same objectives, organise responsibilities, keep the company’s different departments happy, and work with people from other cultures…

Working in a team and networking: and finally, the week was an opportunity to create cohesion among this group of students who will be together at the School for three years. It will develop an esprit de corps that will last well beyond their student years and enable them to become part of the network of 40 000 NEOMA BS alumni.

We wish every one of our new students every possible success!

>Find out more about the NEOMA BS Master Grande Ecole: mge.neoma-bs.com