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Thematics :

On campus in Reims and Rouen, first year students in the PGE and BBA programmes started their course with 5 day integration seminars.
These seminars are the first step in a process which will be the thread throughout their studies.

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The seminars are organized in conjunction with the programmes and the TCDU, whose role is based on a logic of COMPETENCIES: complete knowledge with knowhow, provide skills which are transferable from one profession to another.

In the BBA, the first key skill worked on is the learning process: how do we learn.
In the MGE, the accent is placed above all on how to construct a global/systemic approach to an organisation.

“The aim is for our students to develop these new competencies with a seminar to begin with, followed by a course on their individual trajectory, and feedback and analyses after their internships. A new cycle will recommence in 2nd year. There is truly a thread from the beginning to the end so that students can learn, experiment and analyze in the most constructive manner possible. That is why it is important to start  off with these seminars which set the tone for the way in which students will be required to work through their curriculum” explains Isabelle Chevalier, Head of Talent & Career Development Unit.