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Thematics :

The international aspect is at the core of NEOMA Business School’s strategic plan. In this context, the Masters in Management Programme is expanding to strengthen its international focus even more as well as the expertise developed by the students.

Starting with the 2019 academic year, it will offer two new international excellence tracks:

The Global Experiences excellence track offers the option of taking two academic semesters on two different continents (one per year) over the first two years of the programme, and each time at a top-tier university. These experiences are complemented by two internships abroad. “This framework is a unique opportunity for our students to experience two different areas in the world and benefit from a rich educational track involving three aspects: academic experience, professional experience and cultural experience”, Sylvie Jean, Director of the Masters in Management Programme, said. The network of this new framework now includes 27 universities in 20 countries, all accredited and located on five continents. “We are lucky to count among them St Gallen University in Switzerland and the Laval University in Canada”.

The Future in Asia excellence track is intended for those with a strong interest in Asia, with two academic experiences in two countries, choosing from China, South Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand or Vietnam. To complement these academic offerings, two internships will be done in the region. This new track relies on the school’s long-time partnerships with some of the most recognised schools in the region, like Sun Yat Sen University in China or Nagoya University in Japan. “Asia plays a leading economic role on a global scale, which makes many students imagine being there for a portion of their future professional career”, Sylvie Jean said. “The complexity and richness of the Asia are such that a long-term experience is absolutely necessary”.