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Reinventing the managerial function, making future managers the catalysts for the company’s transformation and the defenders of its founding principles, fostering the professional commitment and inspiration of its employees, these are the ambitions of Matmut Group, which has chosen again the Objectif Manager programme at NEOMA Business School to guide its future managers.

Launched on April 10, it is the 3rd class of this custom programme, which was developed in cooperation with Matmut University, the group’s company university, to meet the challenges of the insurance industry and sustain the company’s development.

The development of our employees’ skills throughout their careers is a priority for Matmut,” explained Olivier Ruthardt, Deputy CEO in charge of Human Resources and Social Relations for Matmut Group. “Promoting their full professional development and supporting them in this effort to access managerial functions in our organisation are essential concerns in preparing for the future of our company.”

For this programme, 16 Matmut employees from different locations and positions will participate in 10 monthly 4-day seminars, complemented with e-learning sessions and the granting of a Bac+4 diploma at the end of the programme.

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