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Anne GUERIN, Executive Director of Bpifrance, was guest of honour for the first 'Meet the Boss' event organised on the Reims Campus by the School's Corporate Relations Department. An opportunity to talk with students about employment opportunities at Bpifrance, a major partner of NEOMA BS.

To strengthen the partnership agreement signed last December between NEOMA BS and Bpifrance, the partner company was invited to spend a day on the Reims Campus. The day was organised around three main events. First of all, a booth was set up in the C2 lobby, allowing students to talk to recruiters and Bpifrance HR staff members about the wide range of proposed recruitment opportunities with the company.

Secondly, Anne Guérin,  Bpifrance Executive Director, and Gregory Givron, Bpifrance Regional Director for Reims, had lunch with a group of students and  Corporate Finance, Audit & Consulting and Entrepreneurship professors. Once again, an opportunity to highlight the company's distinctive characteristics on both a national and regional level.

The first of many similar events
For the third event, 50 students attended a talk given by Anne GUERIN on the theme, "Why should I hire you?" The Executive Director took the opportunity to highlight the Bpifrance strategy, its commitment to responsibility and the dynamism of the company and its employees. She also passed on some valuable advice to students on how to fit in and become an effective member of any company. "When you embark on a career, you always have to make sure you are firmly anchored to reality which will allow you to develop your own expertise. If you go too fast, you won't learn anything. For a business manager, for example, financial analysis is only possible through in-depth strategic analysis. That is why you need to understand the company as a whole, take the time to acquire knowledge of your field and become an important and dependable manager."

As part of the partnership with NEOMA BS, other initiatives will be carried out by Bpifrance, from the start of the next school year. As a member of the disability initiative, the company will be a major contributor to events aimed at helping students with disability find employment.