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Many of our students and graduates are naturally attracted to the UK’s capital because of its position as a centre of international business. Rime GILBERT and Kandice CORDNER-WUILLEME, career consultants at the Talent and Career Development Unit at NEOMA Business School, visited with some of them at the beginning of June.
We met with our students who have internships at the companies of Amaris, Dans le Noir, Eventica, Terracycle and Frenger International in order to learn about their daily lives and concerns and to offer the best possible assistance during their time at their respective companies,” Rima GILBERT explained.

These trips abroad are also made for the purpose of staying in contact with our graduates who are living in London, like Anne-Laure LE CUNFF, a 2014 graduate from the Grande Ecole Programme and an ex-Google employee. Anne-Laure is an entrepreneur and was attracted to the dynamic qualities of the city. Last March in London she launched Lysa Health Ltd., a health and nutrition consulting business.

Of course the visit also serves as a way to connect with various companies.
By being in contact with different companies, we can improve our understanding of local recruitment markets, adapt the advice we provide to our students and spread knowledge about our school,” Kandice CORDNER-WUILLEME added.
An evening event at Boucheron, which is a partner of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce, was a chance to engage in discussions and network, which will later bear fruit through the recruitment of our students and young graduates.