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NEOMA's world

Thematics :

September 10, 2013. Rouen Business School and Reims Management School today announced the name of the school created by their merger: NEOMA Business School. The school’s main ambitions are to be ranked among Europe’s leading business schools and be recognized as the preferred partner of companies. NEOMA Business School counts more than 8000 students, 200 permanent professors, and over 40,000 alumni.

An internationally legible brand, serving the school’s strategic ambition
The school has opted for a simple brand which embodies the innovative and entrepreneurial dimensions of the two former schools. With its soft tones and contemporary edge, the name expresses the momentum of a new world. Easy to understand and pronounce in the world’s main languages, the NEOMA Business School brand compliments the school’s international ambitions.

“The NEOMA Business School brand makes clear reference to today’s managerial attitudes", said Frank Bostyn the school’s Dean. "It is consistent with our understanding of what a business school is and how they need to rethink management and imagine a new approach in order to better service humanity and better meet the challenges of business."

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