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Thematics :

At the beginning of October, the graduation ceremony of the E.Leclerc Operational Distribution Manager programme took place in Paris. A tailor-made Executive Education course designed to prepare the company’s employees to become managers.

Gathered on NEOMA Paris Campus, the new graduates came from all over France. What did they have in common? They were employees of the E.Leclerc supermarket chain and had undertaken training to become store managers. Some had wasted no time and were appointed as store managers even before the awards ceremony!

Michel-Édouard Leclerc, who presided over the graduation ceremony, praised the determination of these young graduates in choosing to pursue a long course of study while continuing to work.

We are very proud to support the future managers of E.Leclerc. We have co-constructed this customised programme together, and this is the beginning of a long partnership“, says Stéphane Dubreuille, Director of the Executive Education Business Unit, whose aim is to support companies with innovative training programmes that correspond perfectly to their strategic, operational and human challenges. “Our training courses prepare teams to become more competent in new areas of expertise or managerial practices in a rapidly changing world. Above all, they offer a cross-section of views and a sense of perspective.