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Marko STEVANOVIC, Master of Science Digital & Innovative Supply Chain (MSc DISC) graduate, has been awarded the prize for the best Master's dissertation 2019 in transport/logistics/supply chain, organised by organisé par AETL association.

A great feeling of pride for the student and an acknowledgement of the quality of the NEOMA BS programmes. Read on for a short interview with Marko and Jérôme VERNY, MSc DISC Head.

Marko, you have just won this prestigious award. Can you begin by telling us a little about your background?
Marko STEVANOVIC: I have a degree in International Business. I followed a work-study programme with the Renault Group, where I was Junior Logistics Project Manager during my final year. Thanks to this experience and the projects entrusted to me, I was in a position to note the emergence of a veritable digital revolution and transformation of the Supply Chain. And this is why I enrolled on the MSc DISC. The programme allowed me to complete my professional experience at BNP Paribas CIB as a member of the Trade Finance Competence Centre team, where I held the position of Technology and Innovation Manager - Trade & Supply Chain Finance. It is thanks to BNP that my dissertation saw the light of day.

You have just been awarded a prize for your dissertation. Can you tell us about the topics raised?
M.S: There is a high level of fraud, embezzlement and corruption in humanitarian logistics, due in particular to a lack of visibility and transparency. So I looked at how the blockchain could render the flow more secure and make the logistics of the operations more efficient. And the results are clear: the blockchain could ensure the transparency of humanitarian logistics. Better still, this solution would allow us to collect more donations and therefore help a lot more people. In practical terms, of the 77 donors and non-donors I interviewed for the dissertation, more than 80% of them said that they would be willing to increase their donations or become regular contributors if NGOs provided more transparency regarding how funds are being used.

The results were made possible with the help of others?
MS: For this work, I was able to rely on my personal network, but also on the Master DISC network that I established with the professional speakers I met during the courses.  As my research has a humanitarian theme and involves helping the most disadvantaged, I think that their main interest was in creating a solution that aims to help as many people in need as possible all over the world..

And what next?
MS: Since the end of the MSc and after winning the prize for best dissertation, I've been contacted by one well-known start-up in the logistics sector, a number of larger companies, a consulting firm and a head-hunter. So I've got several interviews already planned or to be scheduled. Now, I'm weighing up the different offers before deciding which company I want to continue working with.

How would you summarise what you learned from the MSC DISC programme?
MS: This Master's degree teaches us a lot about the different professions in logistics, digitalisation and how new technologies can be used to solve very specific and current problems in the sector. But for me, the most important thing I learned is how to be innovative within an extremely volatile, complex and ambiguous Supply Chain ecosystem. MSc DISC teaches us how to construct the Supply Chain of tomorrow and in doing so opens up many different avenues to the future!

Jérôme, I imagine that you are feeling extremely proud too?
Jérôme Verny: As head of MSc DISC, it is always immensely satisfying to see your students succeeding so well. Since the launch of MSc DISC, we have managed to create a truly trusting relationship with BNP Paribas. It is therefore interesting to see solid, high-quality results from a partnership that was established just a few years ago. This collaboration is continuing this year with two more professionalisation contracts.

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