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Thematics :

As part of the Global 1000 programme a NEOMA, Lucas Cattaneo left for six months to study at Bocconi, the economics and management university in Milan. He talks about the highlights of this experience.

Bocconi, deserving of its reputation

“The level is very high for cutting-edge subjects. For finance, law and international commerce, we moved out of the general curriculum. The university insists that the lecturers are specialised. For example, in a government/business relations course, an expert came to talk to us about the healthcare sector in particular.”

“So, you need to work tirelessly, otherwise your deadlines will snowball quickly. It’s intense. You need to always be focused and involved. After this time learning to adapt, you come out of this programme with an excellent level.”

James Robinson, professor of health economics in the School of Public Health[2] at the University of California, Berkeley

Players in the political and economic world coming from all over the globe

“I was very interested in international relations, and in this field, Bocconi is very open to the world. Considering the school has a global reputation, it attracts prestigious figures. The Peruvian Minister of Production, Italian UN diplomats, the Rwandan Minister of Health… it’s extremely diverse.”


Des concerts de pianiste renommé en plein air.
Des expositions à foison.

New cultural events each week

“The cultural openness in Milan is incredible. Each week, there is a different event. There was a piano week where on all the public squares, large and small, renowned pianists offered free recitals. Then there were evening tours in all the museums, the week of restaurants that offered dishes for 7 euros…”

La Galleria Vittorio Emanuel II

Friendly restaurant staff

“Of course, there is the Italian cuisine. It plunges us immediately into the local folklore. It’s not expensive and the quality is great. It’s easy to eat out, and above all, the restaurant staff is very welcoming and friendly.”

Lucas Cattanéo