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Thematics :

NEOMA has entered a new phase in its gender equality campaign by joining the 150 organisations to have signed the #StOpE initiative, which has the aim of putting and an end to Ordinary Sexism in the Workplace.

 On Tuesday 25 January, alongside 35 other new companies and organisations, NEOMA officially signed its commitment to the #StOpE : stop ordinary #sexism in business initiative.

#StOpe was launched by Accord, EY and L’Oréal in July 2018 with the aim of tackling ordinary sexism in the workplace and sharing good practices on how to do so. The initiative is headed by AFMD, the French Association of Diversity Managers, under the High Patronage of Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities attached to the Prime Minister.

Romuald Gallet, DGA Education To Business de NEOMA

As a signatory party, NEOMA is now committed to respecting the following charter:


  1. Display and apply a zero tolerance principle
  2. Inform to raise awareness of sexist behaviours (acts, remarks, attitudes) and their impact.
  3. Train selectively on requirements and good practices against ordinary sexism.
  4. Circulate educational tools to employees in order to handle sexist actions in the company.
  5. Encourage all the employees to prevent and identify sexist behaviour and to react to ordinary sexism.
  6. Prevent sexist situations and accompany in a personalised way the victims witnesses and decision-makers in the reporting and treatment of sexist actions.
  7. Sanction reprehensible behaviour and communicate on associated sanctions.
  8. Measure and implement monitoring indicators to adapt the anti-sexism policy.

To make this initiative a reality within our School, Sidonie Vidal, HR Development Manager, and Vicky Millar, Career Consultant, are the NEOMA referents and will take part in the different work groups led by the AFMD.

Read more : https://www.afmd.fr/sites/default/files/LivretFR-engagements%202022.pdf