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partenariat Handisup-NEOMA
partenariat Handisup-NEOMA

By teaming up with HandiSup, an association providing support for students with disability, NEOMA is once again demonstrating its commitment to inclusion and a desire to implement realistic initiatives.NEOMA has been engaged in taking up a responsible, civic-minded position when it comes to the inclusion of people with disabilities, who are viewed as a source of wealth. With these convictions firmly in mind, the School is setting up a number of initiatives and services for students with special needs.

Provide support for students with disabilities throughout their studies

Among these actions, the recent partnership established with the HandiSup association, located close to the Rouen Campus, specialised in providing daily support for students with disabilities throughout their studies: looking for an internship, developing their network, studying abroad, choosing accommodation, administrative procedures, listening, talking about different experiences, etc.

Support the School staff to help them meet the students’ special needs

The partnership agreement between the association and NEOMA was signed last year and includes the provision of support for School staff to help them meet the students’ special needs more effectively. Virginie Milaire, Diversity & Green Campus Officer, set up a first meeting between Handicap members Virginie Zazali, General Delegate, and Jean-Jacques Malandain, President, and members of the School’s disability team: Vicky Millar, Talent & Career Department, Karine Triboult, Wellness Centre and Adeline Samoy, International Department.

The discussions were extremely rewarding and allowed the three NEOMA representatives to weigh up the extent of the association’s expertise and nationwide credibility built up by the numerous actions it has carried out over the past few years. For example, the school will be able to call on HandiSup to help the students look for an internship: “The association has a solid network of partner companies, all of whom have demonstrated the sincerity of their commitment over the years. Events and forums are set up in close collaboration with both candidates and recruiters before and after the event, in order to encourage recruitment and help young students with disabilities to further their career plans,” says Vicky Millar, Career Consultant.

Help students settle in during their academic exchange abroad

HandiSup has also offered to provide support to the teams of staff and students concerning academic exchange semesters abroad by organising visits to universities or helping students settle in. “We will also be able to call on the association to help our students fill in their MDPH (*National Disability Commission) forms. In effect, as they sit on the commissions, they are extremely familiar with how the applications are processed,”  adds Adeline Samoy, International Development Officer.

Following this initial meeting, the NEOMA teams will remain in regular contact with HandiSup and are already working on a joint presentation of the various services that will be available for students with disabilities at the start of the 2021 academic year.