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Thematics :

For the first time, Audencia and NEOMA have joined forces to publish a white paper on the international strategy of business schools. The book details the multiple facets that reflect this desire for global development.

International faculty and students, worldwide exchange or dual-degree agreements, opening campuses abroad, accreditations, overseas internships and employment, this white paper details the different strategies adopted by Business Schools in their international development process and with a specific section on the importance of brand image and School community support in a bid to enhance international promotion.

"We are operating in a more globalised environment than ever before, and business schools are no exception to this rule, with international approaches making the difference. NEOMA Business School and Audencia have each chosen to defend an immersive international bias, based on academic networking with major global institutions," outlines Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School.
"With this white paper, we have asked both French and foreign students to share their experience beyond our borders and invited people from the academic world to analyse the meaning of "international" for French Business Schools in 2019," adds Christophe Germain, Dean of Audencia.

The collaboration has resulted in a sixty-page paper which can be downloaded free. Analytical articles are combined with testimonies from leading figures in higher education and from students.

Dowload the white paper : here