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Thematics :

BSc has joined the PASS examinations group, which covers the BBA programmes on the different campuses of INSEEC and EDHEC, schools with an excellent reputation, well-placed in the ranking. KEDGE Business School has also decided this year to join the group with its Marseille International BBA.

The PASS examination offers a procedure that is suitable for students who have already left school: separate from the high-school university application procedure, exams organised on one day, easy registration and several recruitment sessions, more than 15 dates in 10 cities, beginning in December.

This new entrance exam thus concentrates on a broader geographic reach and an innovative method of selecting candidates. Two different selection processes will be available to candidates:

  • @concours: admission by examination with written and oral exams in the same day, organised in all the member schools;
  • @profil: selection based on application files and a profile created on ZEEMEE, the social recruitment platform, which enables candidates to emphasise their uniqueness by making a presentation of their choice.
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