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After five successful years in France, two entrepreneurs and NEOMA Business School graduates have decided to cross the pond.
« In 2012, Romain BARBET and Paul-Henri BLAISET, 2013 graduates from the Grande Ecole Programme, created PIXOPOLITAN, “Photography for Decoration and Design”, with the goal of making the art of photography available to everyone.
The founders put in a lot of hard work and after a few months they built a community of several thousand talented photographers from around the world.
Success came quickly: in addition to a large client base from the general public, they have received decoration contracts from different ministries, become partners with the prime-time decoration programme on the M6 television channel in France and worked with several well-known business angels in fund-raising efforts.

PIXOPOLITAN has experienced major growth and expanded its business model by focusing on a hybrid model (B2C & B2B).
Jérémie CHASTEL, engineer by profession and passionate photographer, joined the team and opened an office in Marseille in order to respond to the growing demand in the hotel industry on the French Riviera.
Aside from the sale of art photography, PIXOPOLITAN offers its B2B clients personalised advice on both the style and form of the decorations (formats, backlighting, etc.)
The start-up has established itself as one of the leaders in decoration for companies and hotels in France.

Between 2015 and 2016, PIXOPOLITAN doubled its revenue and consolidated its sales and marketing team to form a team of 13 people in France!

In April 2017, riding on their success in France, our entrepreneurs decided to expand their boundaries: Romain went to set up business in New York City. The American team was created locally and launched a U.S. version of the website (www.pixopolitan.us), as well as a website intended for their professional American clientele (www.pixo-pro.us).
8,000 photographs
2,000 photographers
13 people on the French team
8 people on the American team
A combined turnover of 1.5 million euros
1 million dollars in planned funding for 2017

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