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On 20 March 2017, during IT Night, the 7th such event for digital Companies held at the Madeleine Theatre in Paris, NEOMA Business School was awarded a gold award in the human management and collaborative work category.

IT Night brings together experts to discuss the latest news in the digital world and current issues in the sector: Big Data, Cybersecurity, connected objects, artificial intelligence, and of course the vital role of information systems and digitalisation in corporate innovation and transformation. During this 7th edition, the most innovative projects in six different categories competed for various awards.

In February, Marie-Laure Massué, Director of the Teaching and Learning Centre, and Alain Goudey, marketing professor at NEOMA BS, had presented the ExE project (Experiential Education) to a panel of experts including Franck Le Moal (IS Director at Louis Vuitton), Stéphane Kersulec (IS Director at Foncia), Isabelle Vialettes (IS Director at Monoprix), Bayrem Foudhaili (Head of IT Department at Darty), Arnaud Lietout (Head of Business & Support Information systems at Club Med), and Jean-Michel Andre (CIO & VP Information Systems at Groupe SEB).

“NEOMA Business School has developed the first immersive virtual reality (IVR) marketing case study in the world. Equipped with virtual reality headsets, our students discover a store reconstructed in 360° photos and videos, and make a critical analysis of what they experience. IVR enables various concrete situations to be studied (in a nonlinear manner) in the classroom to develop skills, eliminate routine learning and provide engaging sensorial experiences,” explains Alain Goudey.

“Via the development of original, more individual and more modern teaching methods, we offer our students cutting-edge experiential learning materials,” adds Marie-Laure Massué.

This recognition by professionals in digital companies of one of the experiential teaching methods used at NEOMA Business School reassures us in our decision bring our students face-to-face with real-life situations to help them develop practical skills, which are the key to long-term employability in a constantly changing world.

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