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From November to December 2014, NEOMA BS Foundation and its ambassadors appealed to the generosity of the School’s community to finance as many academic scholarships as possible for our students.

This funding campaign, known as the “2014 Foundation Ambassadors Grand Prix” was organised around the idea of an intercommunity challenge.

It was a resounding success, since 24 ambassadors and 13 communities took part:

•    Class of 64: Alain Lecouvey
•    Class of 73: Yves Goblet
•    Class of 80: Brigitte Liberman and Viviane Neiter
•    Class of 87: Philippe Couderc
•    Class of 88: Sandrine Maisano and Armand Caiazzo
•    Class of 97: Anne Browaeys and Jean-Michel Huet
•    Class of 2011: Mathieu Chahian and Mathieu Cherubin
•    Class of 2013: Aimé Abizera and Alexandre Bariteaud
•    Former Rugby players: Vincent Fontaine (class of 75)
•    NEOMA ALUMNI  Public Affairs Club: Alexis Janicot (class of 2011)
•    NEOMA Alumni  Greater Paris Region Tribe: Benoît Hains (class of 2007)
•    Current NEOMA BS students: Macha Kalinina, Alan Le Roux, Cynthia Moreau, Mélissande Saingery, Quentin Warcollier
•    NEOMA BS staff: Rachel Beaujolin (Reims campus), Clémentine Millet (Paris campus), Pierre-Yves Tual (Rouen campus)

The Foundation warmly thanks all these ambassadors together with all the individual donors involved in this wonderful example of solidarity. Thanks to their support, nearly €40 000 was collected, or approximately 20 academic scholarships.

The communities distinguished themselves both in the number of donations and the total amounts collected:

Top three most generous communities, in terms of total amount collected:

•    No. 1: Class of  87 (ambassador: Philippe Couderc)
•    No. 2: Class of  73 (ambassador: Yves Goblet)
•    No. 3: Class of  97 (ambassadors: Anne Browaeys and Jean-Michel Huet)

Top three most generous communities, in terms of number of donations:

•    No. 1: Class of  87 (ambassador: Philippe Couderc)
•    No. 2: NEOMA BS staff (ambassadors: Rachel Beaujolin, Pierre-Yves Tual, Clémentine Millet)
•    No. 3: Class of  88 (ambassadors: Sandrine Maisano et Armand Caiazzo)

These donations will be allocated to talented NEOMA BS students with financial difficulties in the form of grants, at future meetings of the grant allocation committee.  The members of the committee will carefully study the many applications made by the students themselves, and will award assistance on the basis of three main criteria:
-    Academic excellence
-    Genuine financial need
-    The student’s personal merit

We would remind you that the Foundation’s academic scholarships are available to NEOMA BS students in all programmes except postgraduate. Interest-free loans can however be awarded to Specialised Masters and Masters of Science students.
During the 2013-2014 academic year, NEOMA BS Foundation was able to award 188 academic scholarships thanks to donations by individuals, firms and local authorities.

Thanks to you all!

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