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The end of the academic year often provides an opportunity to look back over the past year. It is also a time for the Incubators to present the year's key figures and recall some of their projects.

​"Inform students and graduates of current and future issues and technologies. Teach them how to create a company. Help them become experts by providing them with the necessary skills and the support when they decide to embark on this great adventure. These are the objectives of the Startup Lab, which hosts the Incubators" explains Denis Gallot, Startup Lab Director. "We take the necessary measures throughout the year to meet these goals. This past year has been rich in terms of new projects and the beginning of 2019-2020 is already looking positive. I'm convinced that innovation is a state of mind. For some, this is obvious. For others, it is an exciting adventure. And for many, a road full of traps. NEOMA BS aims to help these young and smart creators on the road towards entrepreneurial success,

Incubators of NEOMA BS, a veritable pool of companies

The School's Incubators are a real breeding ground for companies. To date, they have hosted 102 incubated start-ups on the three campuses. 41 of these joined during the past year. ​

incubateur 2018 2019
New projects are incubated following a selection process held on each campus every 2 months. This means that nearly 18 Selection Committees met over the past year. The jury is made up of multidisciplinary professionals with a flair for identifying both innovation and what it takes to be an ambitious future entrepreneur.

Events dedicated to startups that have marked the year

Following the selection process, a more pertinent and effective support programme is made available for the incubated projects. This includes individualised monitoring and a solid network of partners and experts.

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The programme is characterised by a number of organised events. Some of these include days and events with invited experts, workshops, "Powered by", "Adopt a start-up", Viva Technology and Demo Day, which are all essential to help development. The Demo Day is a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs and potential investors to connect. Moreover, in 2018, some significant fundraising events were held, with a total of almost 83 million euros raised by start-ups powered by NEOMA BS Incubators.

The Incubators team will be pursuing its quest to promote entrepreneurship in the coming year and has great ambitions... !