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Thematics :

During the residential seminar for the professors of the ISCAE Group, the leading Moroccan Business School and long-standing NEOMA BS partner, Aurélien Rouquet presented the Immersive Virtual Reality technique developed as part of the School's innovative teaching approach.

For their residential seminar held on March 8 and 9, 25 professors from the ISCAE Group, Morocco's leading business school, gathered in Marrakech. For the occasion, Nada BIAZ, Dean of the ISCAE Group and member of the NEOMA Business School International Advisory Board, invited Aurélien ROUQUET, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, to present the "Leclerc Drive" Immersive Virtual Reality case-study. For almost one and a half hours, he outlined the main idea behind this new technology in relation to his Supply Chain courses. All the teachers present alongside the Dean were immersed into the Leclerc Drive using the phones and headsets provided by NEOMA BS. A presentation that generated many positive reactions regarding the educational benefits of IVR.


The ISCAE group has been a partner of NEOMA BS since 20007. As part of a double degree with our Master in Management, every year about 10 students from the ISCAE group come to follow the M2 courses within our school. On the opposite, 10 students NEOMA BS spend part of their curriculum within the Moroccan school.” We are looking to strengthen our partnership today. That is why we are currently working on new opportunities through new double degrees but also in the framework of the Entrepreneurship without Frontiers scheme. The goal of the ISCAE group is to position itself as the entrepreneurial Hub of Africa,” says Céline DAVESNE, DGA Programmes.