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Thematics :

NEOMA Business School and Nankai University are launching a new Bachelor programme in E-Business and Innovation Management. Approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the programme will rely on the expertise of the two partner institutions, and will make its debut in September.

With its innovative positioning in e-business and innovative management, the programme is an essential response to business needs in a context of mass digitalisation and of the incessant appearance of new business models (e-commerce, shared economy, etc.) “Our aim with this advanced programme is to train future recruits who will enable organisations not only to remain competitive in a disruptive, increasingly competitive professional environment, but also to drive these changes,” explains Frank Bostyn, Dean of NEOMA Business School.

The ability to innovate, overall strategic vision and technical skills linked to e-business will be the central themes of this joint 4-year programme, which will be open to Chinese applicants. “To recruit Chinese students we will rely on the very selective Chinese recruitment network GAOKAO, a national higher education entrance exam, and on experts from Nankai University, which is currently considered as one of china’s very best universities.”

Jointly constructed and delivered by professors from the two partner institutions, the programme will award a double diploma from Nankai and NEOMA Business School. At the end of their studies the graduates will hold both a Bachelor in E-business from Nankai and the Bachelor in International Business (with a major in “Innovation and Technology Management”) from NEOMA Business School.

This cutting-edge programme will be delivered on the TEDA campus (Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area) with an option to follow the 4th year of studies on one of our campuses in France, giving students international experience. Students who wish to take up the offer of international experience in France will also have the possibility of joining the 5th year of the NEOMA Business School TEMA programme (Technology and Management).

“We are delighted by the launch of this programme, because it enables us to promote our expertise in one of China’s most powerful economic centres” adds Frank Bostyn. “The decision is completely aligned with our internationalisation strategy and our development targets in Asia.”

The joint programme also provides NEOMA Business School and Nankai University with an opportunity to strengthen the historical links between them, particularly through the Confucius Institute for Business based on the NEOMA BS campuses in France, which is also jointly led with the same Chinese partner.