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NEOMA BS was the partner of the “Soirée Prestige” organised by the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants (Centre for young company heads - CJD) of the Marne region, also supported by the City of Reims, on 12 October.

The CJD, the oldest business association in France, currently has 4 500 members made up of entrepreneurs and senior managers. It is a non-partisan movement that develops practical proposals to stimulate employment and business.

To organise the evening, on the topic of “Let the workers work… Reims has already started!” the CJD Marne joined forces with  Bleu, Blanc, Zèbre, a cooperative grass-roots movement that aims to unite civil society behind concrete actions for the benefit of everyone.

During the evening, NEOMA Business School described its forceful efforts to promote entrepreneurship through student testimonies and the presentation of its Incubator, highlighting the possible synergies between business and local institutions.

The School also took the opportunity to strengthen its network by inviting 25 of our partner companies and students from our Junior Enterprise society to the event which focused on entrepreneurship, initiative-taking and success through optimism.

Among the speakers during the evening, presented by the journalist Pierre THIVOLET, were Guillaume Villemot and Alexandre Jardin, founders of the movement BLEU BLANC ZEBRE, Aurélien Sallé, from Entreprenez votre vie and Jean-Philippe ACKERMANN, an expert in success through optimism. The evening also included:

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