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Thematics :


Four professors from NEOMA BS contributed to the debate initiated by the Prime Minister of France on corporate social responsibility (CSR) via France Stratégie, a general commission for strategy and foresight that focuses on major social and economic subjects.

Connected to the Prime Minister, France Stratégie formulates recommendations for the executive branch, organises debates, oversees coordination efforts and contributes to the ex-post evaluation of public policies. As part of the work focusing on subjects concerning responsible finance, three seminars were organised by the professors under the supervision of Catherine Karyotis (NEOMA BS) and Alexandre Rambaud (AgroParisTech). They were held in Paris on 24 January and 8 and 28 February, 2019.

In each seminar the professors from NEOMA BS contributed:
Sébastien Lleo: “Modelling, Models and Conceptualisations on Finance: the Stakes for Responsible Finance”,
Antoine Souchaud: “Players and Products for Responsible Finance”,
Marc Lenglet: “Reworking Analyses and Models for Responsible Finance”.

These seminars will be published and should be made available to France Stratégie for an overall review of the Paris Marketplace.