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Thematics :

Le Point newsmagazine just released its annual ranking of the best Masters’ and Bachelors’ degrees and, once again, NEOMA BS is performing well.

NEOMA BS Master in Management moves up by three places (the highest gain among top ten business schools) and is now ranked 8th. This performance rewards the new orientation given to the programme, since last September intake, based on “collaborative excellence”.

Regarding the 4 year Bachelors ranking, CESEM moves up by a place and is now ranked 5th, while the Global BBA stays in 7th place.
CESEM is particularly recognized for its pedagogy, the research activity and its selectivity.
The Global BBA, on the other hand, is improving its added value and selectivity as well as pedagogy, research and entrepreneurship.

Delphine Manceau - Dean of NEOMA BS

These performances validate the 2022 strategic plan presented last October and confirm the positive momentum of the School on all its programs

Delphine Manceau - Dean of NEOMA B