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The new partnership agreement, officially signed in Reims on 15 February in the presence of local MPs and the press, enables NEOMA Business School to support Enedis Champagne-Ardenne in its digital transformation project. This collaboration will greatly enhance the business thanks to the expertise offered by CLEO, our Centre for Leadership and Effective Organisations.
How can we promote innovation and collaborative practices in business? And what are the optimal conditions for success when there is a change of environment? Enedis is currently undergoing a far-reaching phase of digital transformation, and the business has opted to turn to the expertise at NEOMA Business School to respond to the issues encountered. This partnership agreement is part of the INTAO project, that is, the implications of digitisation and transformation in terms of Organisational Agility and Leadership. “We wanted this project to be associated with the world of Higher Education,” said Hélène Milot, Regional Director of Enedis Champagne-Ardenne. “We wanted to have the benefit of new, innovative ideas. We are therefore delighted with this prestigious partnership with NEOMA Business School, in line with our current need for support through change.”

A partnership benefiting from the excellence provided by CLEO

The School will now be supporting this public service stakeholder via its Centre of Excellence known as CLEO (from the French acronym for Centre for Leadership and Effective Organisations). Led by a team of international researchers and practitioners, the Centre for Leadership and Effective Organisations at NEOMA Business School has developed an innovative offer of bespoke products and services combining research, consultancy and training. By combining these three levels of intervention the centre is not only able to offer specific, practical knowledge to businesses and their managers, but is also and above all capable of proposing bespoke operational solutions with high added value. Chris Worley, Strategic Director, Rachel Beaujolin, Professor of Management and all the CLEO team have already been supporting Enedis Champagne-Ardenne for several months. The result of this wide-ranging partnership will enable the business to share the transformation strategy and its implications for employees, define a new organisation through adapted processes and improve its global efficiency in line with new digital technologies.

For NEOMA Business School, Enedis Champagne-Ardenne represents an excellent study base to produce and disseminate useful knowledge on the adaptation of organisations to a constantly changing environment and to offer innovative and collaborative solutions that will help achieve long-lasting results. “Thanks to our experts, internationally recognised in terms of management, leadership, strategy and innovation, we are able to supply specific responses,” states Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School. “This partnership will therefore enable us to enhance our knowledge base in the field of agility, in line with our approach of academic excellence. It is essential in our eyes to be close to businesses; this is always in the interest of our learners and of the training we give.” This collaboration, planned to continue over 30 months, is financed by the Grand-Est Region, within the framework of the programme of aid for business research and development.