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Thematics :

By maintaining its position (34th in 2015), our Master in Management strengthens its reputation and visibility in the global higher education landscape, particularly in France, where it is now 8thbest French “Grande Ecole” Programme as identified by the Financial Times.
This result is even more encouraging in that this year the ranking includes ten additional international institutions, making a total of 90 schools and universities.

Once again, NEOMA Business School has demonstrated its ability to fulfil its mission and respond to the needs of businesses, distinguishing itself in several criteria concerning its alumni’s careers:

  • “Salary after 3 years:” up 8 places to 51st position (59th in 2015)
  • “3 year career status:” up 8 places to 10th position overall (18th in 2015); 4th French school
  • “Aims achieved:” 83% satisfaction rate, up to 12th position overall (11th in 2015); 7th French school)
  •  “Employed at 3:” 93% (91% in 2015)
These results also reflect the strong links we have with our alumni community, which we are also delighted about.

After successfully combining selectiveness and attractiveness during our 2016 recruitment campaign, NEOMA Business School continues to progress, and this result strengthens our aim to become one of the group of highest-ranked European business schools.