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Offering diversified and customised courses, adapting the programme to the latest professional developments, offering students an innovative learning experience…These are the pillars of NEOMA Business School’s Master in Management reform centred around the notion of collaborative excellence. From September 2018, the new formula combines academic excellence and experimentation to allow students to construct a coherent personalised curriculum.


A new rhythm focused on experience and decision-making

The new Master in Management programme is based around three axes – courses, academic exchanges and internships -  that can be combined over different semesters leaving students greater flexibility in the construction of their study programme. “Students make up their own curriculum by planning these different periods themselves. They are placed in a situation of experimentation and decision making," explains Sylvie Jean, Master in Management Director. The Programme team and Talent and Career department guide them in their decision-making to ensure their choices are coherent. “Even if the students are required to make a choice, the framework of the programme itself remains structuring, which is reassuring as they benefit from clear signposts.” 

The Master in Management offers a wide range of opportunities, allowing for multiple combinations:
•    The gap year can be separated into two 6-month periods with classes between the two,
•    The curriculum comes in two formats: the classical format (4 to 6 semesters) and the fast track format (2 to 4 semesters),
•    The possibility to leave on academic exchange over 4 different periods depending on the student’s individual curriculum,
•    The Master 2 specialisation is longer (from April to September) to allow students the time to really develop their project.

A guarantee of continuity from preparatory school and a preparation for tomorrow’s careers
Within this reform, the Master in Management content is enhanced with new courses and modules. “For instance, a new course entitled Humanity and Management, co-created with prep. School teachers, will be offered to students.” The aim of this course is to provide a link between the great authors studied in preparatory class and courses in management. This is the same as the interdisciplinary case study, alternating between real and virtual teaching methods for students and based on a real business case.
If the continuity from preparatory school is considered essential, the Master in Management is equally a stepping stone towards the professional world. It is for this reason that new courses that are in tune with digital development, such as Software and Data Analytics, will be on offer, to shed real light on what tomorrow’s business will look like.
The reform also provides the opportunity to consolidate the reputation of the Master in Management,” Sylvie Jean adds. The courses of excellence on which the NEOMA BS reputation is founded will be reinforced. This is particularly the case of the Consultancy and Audit programme, co-created with audit firms, and the Apprenticeship programme. “We have also strengthened our apprenticeship programme, which now has almost 650 places, placing us second Management School in France in terms of the number of apprenticeship students.” Finally, the programme dedicated to the associations and entrepreneurship has been academically redesigned and renamed “NEOMA Parcours Associatif”. Students are offered a more flexible timetable, 100% of courses in English and workshops in line with their projects.
The Dual-diplomas designed to allow the development of dual skills, such as the Specialised Master Technologie & Management de Centrale Supélec, or the D.U. Géopolitique with URCA (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne), also have a central place in the new model.

A culture of collaborative excellence to experiment with new teaching approaches
The learning curves of the new programme are punctuated with periods of theoretical learning and practical experience.” The new model is based on a knowledgeable blend of collaborative excellence and experimentation:
•    Academic excellence is achieved through a collaborative approach aiming to provide students with a solid knowledge base that will be valid for the duration of their careers. “In order to this, we rely on our 160 full-time senior lecturers and also on our network of 300 academic partners and on all our academic resources,” mentions Sylvie Jean.
•    Experimentation is at the heart of the curriculum, allowing students to test and practice through a “Test and Learn” approach. This is based on the innovative teaching approach in operation on the Master in Management for a number of years (the exploitation of Immersive Virtual Reality, the use of Serious Games and Case Studies) together with the programme’s international outlook. “We maintain a strong commitment to this approach considering that students benefit fully from their international experience in small groups, surrounded by international students and being exposed to different teaching approaches.”

A natural, thoughtful and co-constructed evolution with our partners
Following a phase of structuration and consolidation, NEOMA Business School has entered into a period dedicated to development and innovation. “As the NEOMA Business School flag-ship, the transformation of the Master in Management is fully in line with this process,” Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School, points out. The Dean’s office has been deeply committed to making this reform part of a global approach to continuous improvement and co-construction.  In order to respond to professional developments, new teaching trends and the expectations of a new generation of students, the School has chosen to involve the various partners. “First of all, the professors and support services, then the professionals and the alumni, to work on the rhythm of the curriculum to ensure that it is in line with their needs,” Delphine Manceau continues. Finally, the students have been placed at the heart of this approach: “We have worked with 20 teams of students who have direct experience of the programme and know perfectly well how it works. We have drawn on their experience and ideas.” 

The new Master in Management Programme stands out as the embodiment of the School’s excellence. “All the strengths of NEOMA have been brought together on this new programme: innovative teaching, entrepreneurial spirit, the strength of the network, international and multicultural exposure, the excellent professional integration of our graduates,” concludes Delphine Manceau.

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