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For many years, our School has been actively committed to the promotion of diversity. NEOMA BS is making even further efforts today to ensure that the best students are able to join its programmes, regardless of their financial situation.

With an increase from 12% to 24% in 4 years in the number of students receiving financial assistance (CROUS scholarships and apprenticeships), NEOMA Business School is now the leading School amongst the Top 12 in France. In 2018, NEOMA BS recorded a rate of 18% of state scholarship students in its targeted courses, which is 4% higher than the average 14% rate reported by the CEFDG for the same type of programmes. Thanks to this position, and the support of the NEOMA BS Foundation, our commitment has been strengthened with an increase in budget earmarked for financial assistance solutions. This new scholarship policy is at the heart of Delphine Manceau's commitments, “No admitted student should have to abandon NEOMA Business School for financial reasons

The first part of the scheme proposes social grants to French students and CROUS scholarship holders. From the start of the new school year in September 2019, the latter will be eligible for partial school fee exemptions of up to 55% according to the programme, compared to 15-45% today. These scholarships apply to Bachelor programmes and the PGE Master in Management programme (excluding years spent on apprenticeship programmes). “A student's talent should not be assessed according to their financial means. I intend to strengthen NEOMA Business School's social commitment to ensure that deserving students can join our School,” points out Delphine Manceau.

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The second part, for international students, supports and encourages the very best candidates to join our programmes through an ambitious Excellence Scholarship programme. Determined by an outstanding academic level and personal and professional achievements, the Excellence Scholarship aims to attract the very best foreign students. “In a global market, it is essential that our courses are made even more accessible to international students with an ambitious excellence scholarship programme".

These new measures will allow NEOMA Business School to:

  • significantly increase efforts on social grants, with higher amounts for 5/6/7 scholarship holders,
  • help students in need of a grant to anticipate their financial aid when they start school with the implementation of clear criteria that allows them to plan ahead
  • capitalise on the complementarity of scholarship and learning opportunities to help the highest possible number of students finance their studies
  • support the school's strategy aimed at increasing the number of international students